1 Introduction

eBiz portal has been revamped and migrated to a new environment (OSS) from the legacy (current) platform. OSS will act as the primary portal for eBiz application. All services provided by eBiz application will be listed on the revamped portal. For services already migrated to new portal, user will be able to apply directly from the new portal. For services that are pending for migration, user will be redirected to legacy portal. The migration activity is being conducted in a phased manner. Hence, both platforms, new as well as the current one, will be available till all the services are moved to the new platform. Our legacy platform will be discontinued once all the services are migrated to the new platform.

Please refer to section 1 for help on below features, which are now functional on new platform.

  1. Registration – Individual and Business
  2. Update profile
  3. Change password
  4. Forget password