Payment Related Frequently Asked Questions

    1.How would I know how much I am supposed to pay for an application?


    The information on payment details is available on the Service landing page. If the payment amount is fixed or it is calculated by eBiz, the details are displayed to user on Invoice Details page. However, if the amount has to be entered by user, a page will be shown to user after form submission to provide the payment amount. Invoice will be generated based on this amount. 

    2.Whose address has to be given in Billing Information?


    The address of the applicant, who is applying for the service, is to be provided under billing information.                                                                                                         

    3.What are the different modes of payment?


    eBiz is integrated with an electronic payment gateway. You can make payment towards the services online (using your internet banking facilities) /offline through any of the integrated banks (available in the dropdown on invoice page). You can also use Net Banking/Credit Card/ Debit Card option available on invoice page to make the desired payment.

    If you choose offline mode of payment then you need to take a print of challan and ebiz Payment Acknowledgement Receipt, and visit any branch of the selected bank to make the payment. Once payment is done, the status will be automatically sent by bank to eBiz portal. In case, the payment status does not get updated, you may click on the ‘Refresh’ button against the application you have applied for, to fetch the updated status.

    If you choose to make online payment using any of the 5 PSU banks integrated on eBiz, no additional service charge is levied. However, if you select Net Banking/ Credit Card/ Debit Card mode of payment then an additional service charge (as applicable) may be levied. 

    4.How many banks are tied up with eBiz?


    eBiz is integrated with 5 PSU banks (i.e. Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank) and payment made using any of these banks does not lead to any additional service change.

    eBiz has also integrated with an aggregator, offering payment through Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card for 50+ banks. However, payment made using this mode may lead to an additional service charge, as applicable.                                                                                                                                            

    5.Do I require separate login credentials for Online mode of Payment through banks?


    Yes, separate login credentials (net banking credentials) are required for individual bank payment. Online payment can only be made if you have internet banking facilities for that bank.                                                                                                                                              

    6.How many passwords do I need to have for Internet Banking?


    You are required to have internet banking credentials for the bank through which online payment is made. The number of passwords required will depend on bank. This will vary from bank to bank based on the bank’s internet banking requirements. The password(s) generally required can be any of below mentioned or combination of 2 or more.

    1. Login password
    2. Transaction password
    3. One time password

    Grid based authentication using debit card.

    Please note that this is in addition to the ebiz login credentials required for login to ebiz and application of any service.

    7.Do I get a notification when the transaction is made?


    Yes, once the payment is successfully made, you will be redirected to the eBiz portal where an eBiz Payment/ Payment Acknowledgement receipt will be generated.

    The latest status can be seen from the ‘Payment History’ option under ‘My Account’ tab.                                                                                                                   

    8.What are the different statuses for a payment?


    Following are different payment statuses based on mode of payment.

    1. Initiated – When the user land on invoice page.
    2. Pending –When you have landed on the Bank website (after redirection from eBiz) however you are not successfully redirected back to eBiz portal.

      Examples given below:

      • If the payment is made and the amount is debited from your account but while redirecting back to eBiz portal, network was lost and payment status could not be retrieved.
      • After landing on the bank webpage you opted not to proceed and closed the browser instead.

      In offline cases, if you have visited bank branch and made the payment but still the status is not updated on eBiz portal, you may click on ‘Refresh’ button to fetch the updated status from bank.

    3. Request Received and Acknowledged- When user has clicked on pay button after choosing offline payment and has not made the actual payment in the respective bank branch.
    4. Payment Received and Acknowledged- When the payment is collected by bank (in case of offline) or aggregator (in case of Credit/ Debit Card) but is not settled with the accredited bank.
    5. Electronic Payment Failed/ Offline Payment Failed (depending on the mode of payment)- For Failed Transactions.
    6. Statutory Fee Remitted to Government - For Successful Transactions.                                                                              

    9.Where can I check status of the payment transaction I made?


    The latest status of your transaction can be checked from the ‘Payment History’ option under ‘My Account’ tab provided on eBiz portal.

    If the payment status is ‘Pending’, you may click on the ‘Refresh’ button to fetch the latest updated status of your application.                                                                                                                                    

    10.What details needs to be provided to check the payment status?


    In the ‘Payment history’ page, all the applications are listed with the latest payment status. You can also search for the status of a particular application by providing any of the below parameters,
    "From Date"
    "To Date"
    "eBiz Reference Number"
    "Payment Status"
    "Transaction Number"                                                                                                                                         

    11.Where will I get the eBiz Transaction Number?


    The eBiz transaction number can be obtained from the Challan, eBiz Payment/Payment Acknowledgement receipt. It can also be obtained from Payment history tab of eBiz portal.                                                                                                                                                     

    12.Where can I find the Challan?


    In case of Online Payment: Once you return to eBiz after making successful payment, there would be a link on eBiz Payment Receipt page to view and print the Challan. It can also be downloaded from the Payment History tab. You need to click on “View Challan” button in Action column against the application for which payment is made. Once the challan is opened, the same can be printed or saved as PDF.

    In case of Offline Payment: As soon as you click on “Continue with Payment” button on the invoice page, eBiz Payment Acknowledgement Receipt is generated, which contains the link to view and print the Challan. You need to take printout of that Challan along with the eBiz Payment Acknowledgement Receipt and pay the amount at applicable bank’s branch. You can also view and print the Challan from the Payment History tab for which you need to click on “View Challan” button in Action column against the application for which payment is made.

    Note: You can also preview the Challan on the invoice page before making the actual payment by clicking on “Preview Challan” button.’                                                                                                               

    13.Where can I check if the transaction fails?


    The auto generated transaction failure message appears immediately after a transaction fails. You can also check the status from ‘Payment History’ option under ‘My Account’ tab at a later point in time.